Frequently Asked Questions About Pool

This is intended as a general guide and introduction to pool and billiards games; it does not attempt to be comprehensive. Specifically, if you want to know how to put spin on a ball, how to run a table, or how to shoot trick shots, this FAQ isn't the place to go. Check out some of the resources listed in part 7. The reason is that you really need good diagrams and pictures to explain these things, and ASCII format just doesn't cut it. Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Recent changes: (Dec 1995) Http pointer to BCA, other URLs Needed room size for various tables IBSF address for snooker rule book Added All About Pool address Updated rules for eight ball to 1995 Minor nine ball rules cleanup


  1. What does XXX mean?
  2. What are the rules for XXX?
  3. How do I hit a jump shot?
  4. How should I choose a cue?
  5. Ok, I've got a cue. How do I take care of it?
  6. How much room do I need for a table?
  7. Where can I go for more information?

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