How to Download Greek and Byzantine Fonts?

byzantinoi characters

If you like to add greek fonts to your Windows 3.1x system:

More True Type Greek Fonts

Get the file Arial.exe ..111k and execute it in your \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory.

It is a self-extracting file that contains 4 greek TrueType fonts.

Follow the instructions.

  • 1st step Double click the file [Arial.exe].

  • 2nd step [Save] this file to your disk (e.g Drive A:)

  • 3rd step In the [Program Manager], in the [Main Menu] you will find the [File Manager]. Choose Drive A: and double click the file arial.exe.

  • 4rd step In the [Program Manager], in the [Main Menu] you will also find the [Control Panel]. Double Click the [Control Panel], double click the icon [Fonts], choose [Drive A:], click the buttons [Add], [Select all], [OK].

  • 5th step In [Netscape], from menu [Options] select [Preferences].Then, from [Set Preferences On] choose [Fonts and Colors]. Finally, using the [Choose Font] buttons, select "HellasArialPlain" as your viewing font.

    If you are using Windows 95 following the next steps or click here:
  • Copy the font files in a temporary directory or folder e.g. c:\temp, and not in c:\windows.

  • Using the Explorer go to the directory where you have the font file. This file (Arial.exe) is self-extracting. By double-clicking on the file a group of font files will appear in the same directory (hit F5 to refresh the window in case you don't see them).

  • From Start - System Settings - Control Panel double click on Fonts.
    Choose File... Install New Fonts.... A dialog box will appear. From Folder and Drive select the appropriate directory where the font files are copied (from step 1).
    Select "Copy Fonts to Windows Directory" and then "Select All " so that all fonts are highlighted. Click "OK".

    If you are using Netscape, go to set Preferences on... from the Options/Preferences menu option. Then select Fonts and Colors . The font options will appear in a dialog box. Select Hellas ArialPlain for the proportional font and for the fixed font. The font size, usually 10 or 12, should depend on your screen size and the resolution you are using.

    If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 2.0 [4.40.516] and higher, go to View, then Options, and then Appearance. The font options will appear in a dialog box. Select HellasArialPlain for the proportional font and for the fixed width font. Select the font size, small, large, etc. depending on your screen size and the resolution you are using.

    Alternative you can choose the new Greek True Type Fonts: These files contain four font families with Greek character set support:

         Arial Greek TrueType Font (160 Kb) 
         Times New Roman Greek TrueType Font (194 Kb) 
         Courier New Greek TrueType Font (215 Kb) 
         A set of all the above Greek TrueType Fonts (581 Kb) 
         Click on the files above and download them to your PC 
         UnZip them using 
         PKUNZIP or an utility such as WinZip 
         To install in Windows 3.x open Control Panel/Fonts and press the
    button "Install New Fonts" 
         To install in Windows95 simply copy to the Windows\Fonts directory 
    To use these fonts with your Web Browser go to the Font Properties
    dialog box (In Netscape this is Options/General
    Preferences/Fonts) and select to use: 
         Proportional Font : One of the Arial/Times New Roman Greek fonts 
         Fixed Font : Courier New Greek Font 
    These fonts follow the ELOT 928 Code Page specifications.The Terminal TT
    font is provided for compatibility with terminal
    programs and bulletin board services that use the old 437 (737) code
    If you still have problems with Netscape 2 please change
    Options/Document Encoding to Central European (Latin 2) 
    If you need Greef Fonts for Another Computer Environment such as Unix,
    Macintosh, you can try  this 


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