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Περιλαμβάνει Παρουσιάσεις σε διεθνή ή ελληνικά συνέδρια χωρίς δημοσίευση σε πρακτικά.


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  • ARISTIDIS BITZENIS, University of Macedonia, Greece and JOHN MARANGOS, Colorado State University-Title: Globalization and Integration-Assisted Transition in Central and Eastern European Economies, Jan. 5-7 (2007), ASSA Meeting January 2007, Chicago, USA, Session: Institutionalism and Comparative Economic Systems (P5) – Presiding: DELL CHAMPLIN, Western Washington University


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  • Bitzenis, A. Title of presentation: «Are the FDI inflows in CEE countries and especially in Bulgaria a myth?» Balkans: Entrepreneurship and Educational opportunities and Prospects, University of Macedonia INTERREG II, Measure 6.3., of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, 28- 29 / 6/ 2001


  • Bitzenis, A. My presentation: Greek investments in Bulgaria, and their prospects, Globalisation and Regionalisation: Drama, Greece 28 April 1999
  • Bitzenis, A. My presentation (6 hours): Privatisation and FDI in Greece and the Balkans. I was the only presenter on the behalf of Greek Ministry of Economy. Attendance: Ministries and representatives of the Albanian Public Finance and Privatisation Agency of Albania, 9 March 1999, Athens, Greece


  • Bitzenis, A. My presentation: «Incentives and Barriers of FDI for the case of Bulgaria: preliminary results, 6th Conference of Greek Economic Society: Globalisation and Euro 1-4 October 1998, Komotini, Greece